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Data Analytics

In the digitized world, a key driver for business success is data-driven insight. Data analytics has now become vital to businesses. Software product companies are increasingly enabling their customers to take informed decisions at various levels. Harbinger’s data analytics team supports you in this endeavor. Our experienced engineers, statisticians, and analysts work together as a cohesive team to tackle challenging business problems.

Equipping your products with analytics capabilities using cutting-edge tools and technologies

Harbinger’s data analytics team possesses the necessary business acumen to understand data and to design and communicate context led right-sized information.
Analytics Capabilities

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Data Mining, Online Analytical Processing, Statistical Models, Web Analytics, Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics, Designing Training Data-sets to improve Machine Learning Algorithms, Natural Language Processing

Big Data

Hadoop Setup and Maintenance, Hadoop/MapReduce Programming, NoSQL Databases, Custom Analytics Application Development, Technology Evaluation and Roadmap Architecture

Data Warehousing

Dimensional Data Modeling, Online Analytical Processing and Schema Definitions, Data Load Management, Extraction and Transformation of Transactional Data, Pre-Calculated Summary Value Generation, Seamless Integration of Multiple Heterogeneous Data Sources

Devising Data Strategy

Capturing Right Data at Source, Structured and Unstructured Data Collection, Information Inference from Existing Datasets, Data Cleansing and Transformation, Simplifying Data Architecture and Management, Data Contextualization

Business Intelligence

Data Integration/Migration using ETL tools, Reporting, Dashboard Design and Development, Support for Mobile and Web Apps, Leveraging Data Visualization Libraries, Integration with Business Intelligence Tools, Self-service Analytics

Development and Integration

System Design, Enterprise Application and Framework Development, In-Memory Computing (IMC) Deployments, System Integration, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Data Platform Development

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Deploy Big Data Solutions Rapidly In Cloud through Harbinger’s ABC Model

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Deploy Big Data Solutions Rapidly In Cloud through Harbinger’s ABC Model